After School

After School

After School at Lerner offers Preschool and Elementary students a number of options for enrichment activities before going home for the day and provides a safe place for students to play and/or do homework.

Experienced staff are on-site to facilitate all preschool and After School activities.

Elementary families can sign up for After School for the entire year, or for as many days as needed.

Drop-ins are welcome with advance notice, and if space is available.

Elementary After School is a flat rate of $20 per day.

For an additional fee, students may participate in a variety of After School enrichments.

Winter Enrichments

Brix-O-Logy - K - 5th grade

Brought to you by Mad Science

8 Week STEM After-School Program allows kids to step into the shoes of an engineer!

  • Using LEGO® bricks, build a different engineering-themed project in each class.
  • Explore engineering fields including mechanical, structural, aerospace, nautical, and bioengineering.
  • Use critical thinking, cooperation, and creative problem-solving to test and improve creations.
  • Experience extended learning with a take home toy to reinforce each concept.

Elementary K-5th grade Wednesdays 4:15-5:15 starting 1/11 for 8 weeks $134

Legos Star Wars Theme - K-5th

Lego Star Wars Theme

What can you do with over 20,000 pieces of LEGO®? In our Engineering with LEGO® enrichment program, take on real-life engineering challenges. In our classes, explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering. Find inventive solutions in a fun-filled context that supports the growth of young minds through hands-on, minds-on learning.

K-5th grade Mondays 4:00 – 5:30 (8 weeks) Starting 1/9 $180

Little Medical School - K - 5th grade

Kids love to dress up and play doctor.  Little Medical School encourages elementary school children to do this as they explore the exciting and inspiring world of medicine.  Using interactive demonstrations, crafts, and games, kids learn how the body and organs work, how to use instruments that real doctors use, and even tie knots like a real surgeon.  Small classes are led by a trained Little Medical School teacher to ensure individual attention.  Each child receives a diploma as a graduate of Little Medical School upon completion of the course.

Little Medical School K-5 – Tues. 4:00 – 5:00, Session 1 Starts 1-10 for 6 weeks. $120 or K-5 – Tues. 4:00-5:00, Session 2 Starts 2-21 for 7 weeks $135

Mad Science – Preschool

We spark imaginative learning after school!

Mad Science has created a vast library of unique after school programs. Our spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions make learning about science fun for kids!

Our interactive, one-hour after school science programs are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics as rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of toys.

In each class, children are encouraged to give science a try and build their very own model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science putty, and more. Children even get to take home their science experiment to show Mom and Dad!

Children will be amazed when they:

  • Create an indoor storm with thunder and lightning
  • Bend light to see all rainbow colors
  • Alter their voices and learn that sound travels in invisible waves
  • Make magic mud, soda pop, and learn how matter can change physically and chemically!
  • And much more!

Preschool 3yr -5yr Wednesdays 3:15-3:50 starting 1/11 for 8 weeks $134

Preschool Wed. 3:15-3:50 $134

Music Lessons

New lessons start the week of 1/9, 8 week sessions, 30 min. slots available Monday thru Thursday $240.  We have three talented teachers to choose from this year.

  • Piano and Trumpet Lessons with Noah
  • Piano and Trombone Lessons with Sarah
  • Lessons with Ben on guitar, bass (electric and upright), cello, violin, viola, mandolin, ukulele, trombone, and drums.
  • Group Guitar Lessons with Ben.

Noah Sager provides individualized 30 min. piano lessons for K – 5th graders.  Noah Sager has been playing and teaching piano in the triangle area for the past nine years, including a year as the Lerner School music teacher. He has a B.A in Jazz Piano and an M.A. in Jazz Studies. Sager has experience teaching all ages and skill levels.  Limited spaces available.  Please contact Noah if you already take lessons from him, in order to keep your time slot.  New students will sign up online.  (You must supply your own trumpet)

Sarah Denes has been teaching children piano since 2005. She has a B.A. in music from Amherst College, an M.F.A. in Music Performance and Literature from Mills College, and a M.A. in Musicology from Duke University. She has lived in Durham for seven years with her spouse, George, a potter, and her loudly musical child, Sam.

Sarah provides individualized 30 min. piano lessons for K – 5th graders. Limited spaces available. New students will sign up online.

Ben Palmer is a former student at Duke Youth String School, UNCG, and NCCU. Teacher at Music Loft, Durham for 20 years. Performs in the Triangle weekly. “I love helping people enjoy music, especially those just getting started.” Private lessons and group guitar classes. Since 1989.

Private Lessons $280 (8 weeks) 45 mins.

Group Guitar Lessons $130 (8 weeks) 1 hour mins.


Parents are encouraged to attend piano lessons with their child whenever possible.

Sh’ma Capella - Chorus

This class will be lead by Sarah Denes

Children will learn to sing classic Jewish songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English. Sh’ma Capella will perform the first Friday of each month at the Shabbat sing-along. Chorus is a wonderful low-pressure introduction to music performance. No musical experience is necessary. Open to all ages.

Once a month the chorus will lead sing-a-long.

Starting Thursday 1/12, 4:00-5;00 pm, $70 January through March.

Soccer Shots – (2yrs – 8yrs)

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition, we provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents.

11 weeks starting 1/12

Preschool (2yrs – 5yrs) Fridays 3:00 – 3:30 $165
Elementary (5yrs – 8yrs) Thursday 4:15-5:00 $165

Spanish - K-5th

The extended day Spanish class option will take place three days per week.  Students who opt-into this class will go to the Spanish class at dismissal time and the class will last for one hour (ending at 4:00 pm). Each class will cap at 12 students.  The cost is $1000 for the school year (approximately $100 per month).

Three days per week from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  • Kindergarten and First will meet Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.
  • Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth will meet Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Class size: up to 12 students

Teams of Tomorrow Basketball

Every week a TOT instructor will teach your child athletics, academics, and agility.  The classes are focused around improving your child’s physical and mental growth through movement and music.  TOT uses the perfect mixture of physical movement, hand eye coordination, and brain use to maximize the growth of your preschooler.

Preschool-Kindergarten Tuesdays 3:15-3:45 starting 1/10 Monthly fee of $50

Tennis TGA – K-5th

Our curricula were developed by TGA’s education experts and the USTA to emphasize fun and use tennis as a vehicle for teaching educational concepts including STEM and life lessons such as respect, honesty, perseverance and sportsmanship.

TGA Tennis Enrichment Program Highlights:

  • All equipment is provided
  • Max 10:1 student to coach ratio
  • Coaches pass a background check and are trained to make lessons fun and relatable for children
  • Every class includes physical fitness, academic concepts, and rules & etiquette lessons
  • Five level program continues to challenge students and foster their development
  • Every student receives a hat, wristband and a TGA Student Handbook

8 weeks starting 1/11

K-1 Wednesdays 3:30-4:15 $170

2nd-5th Wednesdays 4:15-5:15 $170

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