First Grade

First grade is a time of remarkable growth and transition in every facet of a child’s Lerner experience.

The first grade students learn to become increasingly independent socially and emotionally by practicing advocating for themselves appropriately and caring for their daily needs by relying on their own resourcefulness. To nurture their growing independence, first graders are included in recess, lunch, and electives with the older elementary students.

The first grade students move toward self-sufficiency in reading and writing, begin to complete formal math assessments and practice math facts, engage in research projects in social studies and science, and become leaders in their shared Tefillah with kindergarten.

The first grade family program, when the children receive their Siddurim after sharing a performance with their loved ones, represents the capstone of their Judaic and Hebrew learning while reflecting their tremendous evolution over the course of the year.

First Grade Curriculum Guide


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β€œIn Judaic Studies, we learn what the Torah says and how important it is to treat people with honesty and respect.” - Josh, Class of 2013
β€œI learned something about myself through my experience with Girls on the Run. I love running and I love being a leader to younger girls.”- Molly, Class of 2013