The Lerner Preschool experience is a dynamic blend of theme, interest, and skill-based activities designed to provide hands-on learning to support growth. We focus on building a child’s cognitive, language, gross, and fine motor skills as well as nurturing creativity and social and emotional development.

A typical day includes center times, teacher-directed assignments, small and large group collaborative learning, gross motor play, and lessons in language arts, math, science, social studies, and Judaics. In addition to all they do in their classrooms, our preschoolers regularly spend time in P.E., Music, and the Library where they engage in activities designed for them by the Elementary School Specialists.

Hebrew and Judaics are joyfully integrated into the Preschool experience through storytelling, art projects, cooking, and song time. The Preschool children are also active participants in the vibrant Jewish Life of our school. Each Friday afternoon they gather with the Elementary School students for a lively school-wide Shabbat Sing-a-long where they learn the songs that the “big kids” are singing and are warmly welcomed by the rest of the school. In addition to these weekly activities, they take part in all Jewish Holiday celebrations with activities designed to introduce a rich Jewish culture: they eat lunch in the Sukkah, dress up and join in the festive Purim Carnival and Parade, attend the Chanukkah festivities, and more. Between these activities and all they do within their own classrooms, our preschoolers are actively engaged in the joyful Jewish culture of the school community.

Preschool Curriculum Guide


Flexible schedule options

The Lerner Preschool offers a few different schedules to meet your family’s needs.

Five-Day programs for two-year-olds, three-year-olds, and four-year-olds:

  • Half Day: 8am to 1pm
  • Full Day: 8am to 3pm
  • Extended Day: 8am to 6pm (until early closing for Shabbat begins)

Certification and Standards

The Lerner Preschool is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and meets the enhanced standards of  North Carolina Department of Human Resources, Division of Child Development.  Those standards certify that the school has met strict requirements for building safety and compliance with state rules and regulations, staff/child ratios, children’s activities, faculty education and professional development, and record keeping; and it allows the program to operate in excess of 4 hours per day.  This enables us to provide a full day program for families that need this option.


The Lerner School is registered with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction through its Division of Non-Public Instruction.  The Preschool uses Explorations with Young Children; A Curriculum Guide from The Bank Street College of Education as the framework for our curriculum, which is a curriculum approved for use in early childhood and education programs by The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education.  The Judaic Studies curriculum has been developed through consultation with leading Jewish educators throughout the United States and Canada.  The Head of School and Preschool Director continually evaluate the curriculum and the school’s standard of excellence.

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“In Judaic Studies, we learn what the Torah says and how important it is to treat people with honesty and respect.” - Josh, Class of 2013
“I learned something about myself through my experience with Girls on the Run. I love running and I love being a leader to younger girls.”- Molly, Class of 2013