Third Grade

Third grade at Lerner is devoted to students developing an appreciation for and understanding of themselves as part of their personal family histories within the context of the collective history of Jewish people.

The immigration project that the third grade students complete encapsulates much of their learning objectives, including independent, close reading, and discussion of fiction and non-fiction texts.

This also includes researching and organizing information about family members and their immigration journeys, delving deeply into the Jewish values and experiences that defined the late nineteenth century, revising and editing written work, and delivering well-crafted presentations. The sense of understanding that they gain from studying the past, coupled with the mastery that they feel by meeting the extensive academic challenges, gives our third grade students the confidence that they need to succeed in “upper elementary” and beyond.

Third Grade Curriculum Guide


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β€œIn Judaic Studies, we learn what the Torah says and how important it is to treat people with honesty and respect.” - Josh, Class of 2013
β€œI learned something about myself through my experience with Girls on the Run. I love running and I love being a leader to younger girls.”- Molly, Class of 2013