We believe a Lerner School education should be affordable for all families. We want any family who believes in the importance of a Jewish Day School education for their children to be able to fulfill their hopes and dreams.  We also understand the long-term financial commitment families make when choosing to make the investment of a Jewish day school education for their children. We recognize that many families work hard to make Jewish day school a financial priority. All Lerner families are required to contribute toward the cost of tuition and fees.

The Lerner School offers two programs to help put Jewish education within the reach of families in our community, Flexible Tuition and Transparent Tuition.  We encourage you to consider applying for Flexible Tuition or Transparent Tuition based on the unique financial needs and circumstances of your family. Click the links above or scroll down to learn more about Lerner’s affordability programs.

2021-2022 Tuition Rates

Tuition Done the Lerner Way

Option 1:
Flexible Tuition using FACTS

Flexible Tuition is assessed based on the unique needs of your family using the FACTS, a third party independent financial assessment service. Both preschool and elementary students are eligible for this program.

Learn more about Flexible Tuition

Option 2:
Transparent Tuition

Transparent Tuition is assessed based on family income and the number of students enrolled at the Lerner School according to the chart below. While preschool students count toward the family’s number of students, only elementary students are eligible for transparent tuition rates. Click here for full program details.

Learn more about Transparent Flexible Tuition


New Student Fee (one-time, non-refundable fee for new students)

Preschool:  $600

Elementary:  $1,200

New student fees are waived for students matriculating
from Lerner’s Pre-K into Kindergarten.

All Flexible Tuition inquiries and applications are strictly confidential. The Lerner School will notify families of Flexible Tuition and admissions decisions together, although the processes for admissions and Flexible Tuition are independent of each other.
Our Flexible Tuition program is generously supported by the Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation, the Leon Levine Foundation, and two endowment funds: the Sam Fuchs Endowment for Financial Aid and the Albert and Adeline Gelb Fund.
The Lerner School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in admissions, financial scholarship, or any school administered programs.