What are your dreams for your child’s education?

This is one of the most important questions a parent will ask him or herself. It’s a question that starts a child’s educational journey.

And it’s the question that inspired the Lerner School.

A group of passionate parents came together to create an educational experience for their children that embodied their values—and prepared them to make a positive impact in a diverse world. An experience that would give their child confidence and a lifelong love of learning. Help them understand and take pride in their Jewish heritage. And support them in becoming productive members of the world.

Today, Lerner embodies the hopes of our founders, their values, and so much more. Lerner continues to be shaped by a passionate community of parents, students, and faculty.

Our Mission

At the Lerner School, we are committed to:


achieving the highest standards of academic excellence

fostering learning of Jewish values, culture and traditions while

building a diverse and caring community


…one child at a time.

As a community, we teach students to make a positive impact daily through ‘The Lerner Way’ which brings together three key elements:


Our focus

  • A caring and nurturing environment
  • Supportive and compassionate teachers
  • Individualized attention
  • Fostering a love of learning

The Lerner School cultivates an environment for growth. We provide our students with nutrient-rich grounding and optimal conditions for becoming strong, life-long learners.


Our focus

  • Rigorous subject-based learning
  • Integrated Jewish studies
  • Building essential skills and instilling the confidence to succeed
  • Creating ethical citizens of the world

The Lerner approach integrates Jewish studies throughout an academic curriculum that fosters intellectual, emotional, and behavioral development and is uniquely challenging to each student. Children are equipped with the confidence, knowledge and tools to make a positive impact each day.


Our focus

  • Whole-family learning
  • Igniting the spirit of Judaism
  • Celebrating diverse expressions of Jewish culture
  • Embodying Jewish values
  • Appreciating Jewish identity
  • Building the Jewish community

Lerner is a place for whole-family learning where we ignite the spirit of Judaism. Here students and family members can share in and celebrate diverse expressions of Jewish culture—fostering a deeper understanding of each individual’s Jewish identity. The Lerner School creates a vibrant future for Judaism in the broader community.

Each Lerner child excels as a confident student. As a compassionate community member. And as an ethical citizen in a diverse world—making a positive impact every day.

The Lerner Way is guided by our mission and core values.

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