Eight Ways We Practice Our Beliefs

1. One Child at a Time

The Lerner School believes that each student is an infinitely valuable and unique individual. We challenge students intellectually while simultaneously fostering their social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

We believe in individualized instruction and low student-to-teacher ratios.

We strive to meet students at their level, accommodating both gifted students and those with learning differences.

Social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development is fostered along with intellectual growth.

third grade classroom
teacher helping students

2. Academic Excellence

The Lerner School helps each student to achieve his or her full academic potential. We seek demonstrable academic excellence as measured by standardized tests.

We teach our students to think critically and creatively so that they emerge as independent thinkers and self-motivated life-long learners.

We view our outstanding faculty as an integral part of achieving academic excellence.

3. Jewish Continuity, Community, and Culture

The Lerner School assists all students in developing a positive Jewish identity and pride in their Jewish heritage.

We preserve Jewish culture through teachings about Torah, mitzvot, prayer, Hebrew, and Jewish history and literature.

We teach each child how his or her actions can positively impact the ongoing history of the Jewish people, thereby encouraging Jewish continuity.

We foster a sense that our students and families are part of a larger Jewish community, a community we all must support and that will support us.

4. Pluralistic, Diverse Environment

The Lerner School embraces all segments of Jewish life and is not affiliated with any one religious movement.

We teach students to respect differences and to recognize and celebrate the commonalties, shared experiences, and richness of varied Jewish traditions.

We welcome all families and are committed to providing a Jewish education for any family that desires one, regardless of financial resources. We therefore provide substantial need-based financial scholarships.

We seek a diverse student body and delight in the tapestry of nationalities and languages represented at the school.

5. Hands-on, Integrated Learning

The Lerner School teaches that learning should be continuous and interrelated, not compartmentalized.

We use an integrated curriculum that facilitates learning by providing a variety of approaches to a given subject.

We enhance students’ love of learning by engaging their senses and allowing them to interact with their environment through hands-on learning, a focus on real objects, and concrete materials.

We enrich General Studies programs with appropriate Jewish teachings and values.

6. Community of Life-Long Learners

The Lerner School values self-motivated, enthusiastic, life-long learning for our students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

We engage multi-generational members of our community in teaching and learning—for example, older students mentor younger ones, and students and community elders engage each other.

We provide teachers with ongoing professional development.

7. Safe and Caring Community

The Lerner School is a loving and secure environment. We teach students to treat each other with respect and caring.

Our teachers move beyond the boundaries of their classrooms to know each child in the school.

The Lerner School families provide support for each other, a sense of belonging, and a strong community spirit.

We value parental input and encourage parental involvement.

student and teacher

8. Social Responsibility and Ethical Thinking

The Lerner School integrates the values of Tzedakah (Charity), G’milut Chasadim (Acts of Loving Kindness), and Kavod (Respect) into students’ daily experiences.

We teach students to appreciate and respect the natural environment, seeing themselves as guardians and protectors of the earth and its resources.

We model respectful, moral, and loving behavior in all aspects of school life.

We seek to have students emerge from the Lerner School with the highest sensitivity to the needs of those around them and a desire to participate in building a just and caring world.

Our Mission

At the Lerner School, we are committed to:

achieving the highest standards of academic excellence

fostering learning of Jewish values, culture and traditions while

building a diverse and caring community

…one child at a time.