Sandra E. Lerner Jewish Community Day School

Chai Endowment Fund

A journey like no other

Learning and living Jewish values helps each of us become the best we can be: as learners, as confident individuals, and as global citizens.  When young children dive joyously into this endeavor, it ignites a love of Jewish ideals, culture, and traditions in them that lasts a lifetime.

The challenge

We recognize that a robust, innovative and affordable Jewish learning environment is a necessity for a vibrant Jewish tomorrow.  A Lerner School endowment will allow us to not only sustain our school, but also to think bigger, reach higher, and transform our small Southern Jewish Community Day School into a powerhouse of Jewish learning and living that is desired by many and admired by all. It will give us the freedom to go beyond our current successes, and the ability to invest and innovate across multiple arenas, both within and beyond the classroom. Fully funded, the Chai Fund will enable families who desire a Jewish education for their children to experience Lerner regardless of their ability to pay.

Preparing students for all of life’s adventures

The Lerner School approaches learning holistically and individually. We respect and respond to each student as the person they are, with an eye towards the person they can become. As an inclusive community, we strive to make each family feel welcomed and valued. We teach and live Jewish values in real ways every day, both in and out of the classroom, providing a solid foundation to face life’s challenges.

On a path that’s uniquely their own

We are a preschool, an elementary school, and a community.

We teach our students to think deeply, to question openly, and to respect views that challenge their own. Our teachers guide students on a path of self-discovery: they nurture the artist within, ask value-driven questions, and listen for meaningful answers.

We learn from each other in caring classroom communities, through peer learning, and as collaborative editors, scientists, artists, and gardeners.

We grow through shared experiences that strengthen our community. Our students pray together in Hebrew and sing together on Shabbat. They encourage one another to be their best and learn to engage with and support their peers and community. And throughout the year, their parents connect by volunteering, celebrating and learning together.

Each Lerner student is prepared to succeed as a confident student, a compassionate friend, and an ethical citizen—ready to make a positive impact in a diverse world.

The opportunity

The time is now for us to solidify and invest in Lerner for our children, our families, our community and our peoplehood.  Please give generously to the Chai Endowment Fund so that we may grow together from strength to strength.

Your commitment to the Chai Endowment Fund allows the Lerner School to receive challenge monies from two supporting organizations: Generations National and The Harold Grinspoon Foundation Life and Legacy Project.

To learn more about the Chai Endowment Fund, please contact our Advancement Director at 919-286-5517 ext 104 or tal@lernerschool.org.