We offer a variety of opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom. Each enrichment works to integrate creativity, leadership, empathy, and wellness skills so students can reach their fullest potential.

Celebrate the power of creativity

Experiencing the joy of self-expression through a variety of mediums is a key way children understand the world. Our music, art, and drama programs give students the opportunity to exercise their creativity.

Expand individual student comfort zones

We’ve created programs where students can engage in the new and unknown. We help them build the courage to always be willing to step outside their comfort zones.

Act with empathy

Being thoughtful and exercising empathy must be practiced in order to become skilled at using them. Our enrichments push students to practice these skills on their way to becoming ethical citizens.

Engage mind, body, and spirit

A variety of cooperative team sports, individual games, dance, and cardiovascular activities teach students how to maintain a healthy level of physical fitness.