Compassion Project

The Lerner Compassion Project was launched in 2013 as a school-wide initiative to promote kindness, respect, cooperation, and responsibility.

The project brought students, parents and the broader community together to reflect on what compassion meant to them. They penned their thoughts on “leaves of compassion” and created beautiful canvases and artist statements. These treasured thoughts live on in our Compassion Garden.

Today, the value of compassion is lived and modeled daily by our faculty and staff, and woven throughout the Judaic and General Studies curricula.

Students observe compassion all around them and put this learning into action by:

  • making and selling lemonade for Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • donating clothes and toiletries to the victims of Hurricane Sandy
  • saving money to purchase food for Thanksgiving meals for local families in need
  • raising funds through a bake sale to support the digging of a well for a village in Ethiopia

Each social action project is accompanied by learning and investigation, so our students understand the need for, and recognize the impact of, their actions. This project changes forever the way Lerner students view their world.

Talking about compassion helped us to be more cooperative in groups and make better friendships.

The Compassion Project reminds us all to treat human beings and the Earth with compassion and respect, and to teach others to do the same.

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